I need my girl

So I just heard that one of my favourite bands, The National, are going to be releasing I Need My Girl as their next single today. I heard this song for the first time a couple of years ago, on December 8, 2011,  when I saw them in concert in Toronto. This was one of the first times they played it live, and Owen Pallet came on stage to accompany them on violin. The whole show blew me away, but this song was one of the more memorable and special moments of the night.

If you’d like to see an audience video from that night’s performance with Owen Pallet, you can catch it here.

Why so sniffly?

I don’t know about you, but this winter is starting to get to me. I’ve spent my whole weekend sniffling, sneezing, and with a kleenex box never more than an arm’s length away. Though I get an Rx when I have to, I like to find natural ways to stave off cold and flu symptoms.

Everyone knows that you’re supposed to drink plenty of fluids when you’re under the weather. Why not make that fluid a piping hot cup of tea? There are many benefits to drinking tea when you’re sick, but the one that stands out to me now is that it helps keep your nasal juices flowing. I’m currently suffering from a lot of stuffiness, so anything that gets this mucous out of me is very welcome. My personal preference is lemon balm tea, and when I’m sick I’ll add some honey for the added anti-microbial benefits.
Other great tea options to try when you’re sick are ginger, mint, and lemon.

Another old world remedy that I’m a fan of is an Epsom salt bath. Epsom salt is a naturally occurring mineral compound that has many health benefits. The one I’m most interested in today is its cold-fighting power.

According to Dr. Theresa Ramsey, cofounder of the Center for Natural Healing in Arizona, soaking in an Epsom salt bath gets your body to start a process called vasodilation. This increases the level of white blood cells being produced in your body and gets rid of those cold symptoms quicker.
For those of you suffering from flu-related aches and pains, Epsom salt baths have been known to relax muscles and flush out lactic acid that can cause them to cramp up.

My good friend, Danielle Zies, is a nutritionist and holistic culinary expert so I like to badger her for health and nutrition advice.

She gave me a recipe she has for a super-powered cold-fighting smoothie. This little blended miracle is packed with vitamins, and she recommends we drink it throughout the winter to keep our immune systems in fighting shape.

Spicy Cold Busting Power Smoothie

2 cups water
1 asian pear
juice of 1 lemon
1 tbsp unpasteurized honey
a couple slices of FRESH ginger (as much as you can tolerate)
1 hand full mullberries
1 persimmon
2 handful of greens
a generous sprinkle of ground cayenne pepper

I hope these tips help kick your runny nose to the curb!

Be sure to check out Danielle’s website Simply Nourished for more ways to keep yourself healthy and nourished.

Wake up and smell the orchids.

Every year the folks over at Pantone pick a ‘Color of the Year’ that sets hue trends for the 12 months ahead. Just before we rang in the New Year, it was announced that Pantone’s colour of the year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid.
If you’re looking for ways to incorporate this purple-pink tone into your life, look no further. Everywhere you glance, fashion and beauty retailers are brightening up their displays with this floral shade.
I have compiled a small collection of fashion and beauty items in the colour of the moment to help inspire your next shopping trip.
Wake up and smell the orchids
  1. This eyeshadow trio is by Smashbox and the set is called Autochrome. If Pantone didn’t have their own namesake collection with Sephora, I’d swear this was created just for them. $28 Beauty.com
  2. Années Folles, which is the name of this gloss from Nars, is what they call the “Roaring Twenties” in France. Dab this on your pout, and I’m sure it’ll help you have a roaring twenty-fourteen. $26 Nars Cosmetics
  3. When you don’t really feel like dressing up too brightly, you can always dress up your phone. This Marc by Marc Jacobs case is here to help! $20 The Outnet
  4. With all the snow on the ground now, you need to wear sunnies to protect your eyes. Why wear a boring black pair when you can get these violet Cole Haan cat eyes? $78 Cole Haan
  5. On New Year’s Eve did you resolve to work out more? Don’t forget style at the gym with the Nike Free 5.0. $100 Bloomingdales
  6. With all the purple makeup you’re buying, you’ll need somewhere to store it. Tory Burch has you covered with this Saffiano leather makeup bag. $95 Tory Burch
  7. If your “Color of the Year” budget has no ceiling, you might want to take a look at this gorgeous, beaded Emilio Pucci purse. This makes me want to cry about all the frivolous things I spent my money on instead of buying this bag. $2,490 LuisaViaRoma.com
  8. If you find yourself avoiding puddles on rainy days because you don’t have a pair of rubber boots, perhaps it’s time to take the plunge and get classic Hunter boots in this of-the-moment shade. $140 Hunter
  9. Even if you already gave up on your resolution to get fit, this Adidas crewneck will look just as cute on the streets. $45 Adidas
  10. Check how you new makeup is holding up throughout the day with a cute floral compact mirror from Forever 21. $3.80 Forever 21
  11. Whether you prefer to unwind by running, yoga, or with a glass of wine on the couch, these bright tights from Roxy will keep you comfy and stylish. $88 Sears
  12. You’ll look like an angel with Victoria’s Secret lacquer in Drama Queen on your nails. $10 Victoria’s Secret

Whether you love it or hate it, pinks and purples are going to be around for the next little while. You might as well embrace it and get some cool looks out of it.

How do you feel aboot boots…?

8 Boots that can help you through this winter!
With winter sweeping across most of North America, and the temperatures here in Ontario getting onterribly low (excuse the pun), I am dreaming about all the cold weather footwear that would be a welcome addition to my shoe closet right about now. Unfortunately, I’m still paying off my credit cards after going overboard on holiday gifts, but it’s that time of the year when sales are abundant!
Here is a list of boots that are super cool, (almost) all under $150, and the best part is that they are ALL on sale!
In case you see a pair you like, I’ve linked them all to the websites where you can purchase them.
  1. These over-the-knee Jeffrey Campbell boots are amazing and versatile. To top it off (if you’re a sci-fi fan) they’re call the “Time Lord” boot.  Karmaloop $128.95
  2. This next pair is by Report Signature. I think it’s a really cool ankle boot that can serve you all year long. Match it with black skinnies in the colder months, or with a sun dress and a floppy hat for a festival in the summer.  Asos $140.74
  3. These next boots are from Aldo. What I like about them most is how they’re a perfect mix of a Victorian lace-up boot and a modern combat style. The details in the stitching are old-fashioned, while the zippers give it an edgy moto look.  Aldo $49.99
  4. Nasty Gal brand, Shoe Cult, presents this deconstructed boot. They’re vegan and will definitely get noticed.  Nasty Gal $45
  5. Ash is a footwear label I love, that I usually have a hard time letting myself spend money on. That is why I’m so happy to see this next moto boot on sale! It’s a great mid-calf, leather moto boot, with on-trend stud details that will take you through several seasons. Karmaloop $158.95
  6. If I were not so tall, or so embarrassing in high heels, I would snap up the Sam Edelman Keegan bootie in a heart beat! I love everything about them– the fringe, the way the heel is shaped, the buckle detail at the ankle… I’ll stop before I start writing poetry about this pair. Even though I won’t likely be adding this to my collection, they can be all yours.  Shop Bop $136.50
  7. I love Zara, with their clean, elegant aesthetic. This pair of ankle boots has all that and a dash of their trademark European Edge. This one is more of a trendy shoe, but it’s at a price that can’t be beat.  Zara $39.99
  8. This is another pair from Zara. It’s a little bit more casual, but the fringe detail on the front takes it from plain to eye-catching. This is what I can see myself in when I just want to be comfy and casual without sacrificing style.  Zara $39.99

I wish I could buy them all, but I’d love to live vicariously through you instead. Keep warm this winter and let me know if you get a pair!


This is a song I just recently discovered and can’t get out of my head. It’s by a group based out of Brooklyn, called San Fermin, which was started by Yale-educated musician/composer, Ellis Ludwig-Leone.

With Ludwig as part of you’re name, I’m sure it’s obligatory to be a great musician.

The song is really cool, and the video is neat too. I hope you like it!

Well, hello there.


Oh. Hi there. Let me introduce myself. My name is Ula (pronounced Ooh La La, but without the second La) and I’m 26 years old. Now, before this starts sounding like an elementary school introduction, I’ll get to the point.

I’m very excited to be starting this endeavour. My aim is to make this page like a variety show where I can share thoughts and ideas about style, music, beauty, food, and a slew of other topics.
I like to think I have a good eye and ear for neat things, and hopefully you like what I have in store.