Brow envy.

For the last few years brows have been getting thicker and fuller, which has left much of the arch-challenged population in a dizzy trying to figure out a way to deal with their long overplucked eyebrows. Jennifer Connolly and Brooke Shields knew what’s up long ago, but unfortunately many of us have done a lot of damage that is irreversible. Or is it?


Once damaged, follicles tend to not want to cooperate, but there are ways around that.

My dear friend Sara has been trying to grow her eyebrows in for a few months. Last week she decided it was time to get them cleaned up a little, but, to her surprise, the brow “expert” thought it was time to reshape them. Poor Sara was left with one brow quite different from the other. We all know they’re supposed to be sisters NOT twins, but these girls weren’t even related!

Sara got her brows done by an overzealous esthetician and undid a couple of months of growth.

Sara had her brows groomed by an overzealous esthetician, who undid a couple of months of growth.

what you need is a good brow kit and an angled liner brush

On Sara I used Brow Zings by Benefit Cosmetics. I applied the darker coloured wax with a straight liner brush to groom and tint the brows. After that was done, I used the angled liner brush and lighter powder to fill in the gaps in the brows and give them a fuller appearance. I apply the powder lightly in short strokes, while following the natural growth direction of the hairs. Try not to use too much powder when figuring out the right shape and size for your face. It’s easier to add product then to have to wash it off and start over when there’s too much.

the contrast between the two brows when only one is filled in

After we finished Sara’s left brow, you can see the difference filling it in made.

All done! With a pair of sisters above her peeps, Sara's ready to take on the world!

All done! With a pair of sisters above her peeps, Sara’s ready to take on the world!

Anyone can do this at home. All you need are a few good tools!

Perfect Arches
  1. The first step in getting admirable arches is to get familiar with a pair of tweezers. I know you’re thinking that they got you in this mess in the first place, but even full brows need to be neat and tidy. Tweezerman is the go-to brand for eyebrow grooming and with a lifetime guarantee the  price tag is totally forgiveable. Can be found anywhere or… Anthropologie $35
  2. If that seems a little steep, you can still get a great pair of pincers. I have always used Revlon and they work just as great. I usually use a $3-5 pair, but this one is coated with diamond dust for extra grip. Sounds fancy! $12.99
  3. Since some of us are follicly challenged above the eyes, we may need to start with a growing aid. Rapidlash has been getting rave reviews from many people, including a friend of mine. $59.99 (more budget friendly in the USA)
  4. On the even higher end there is a product called NeuBrow that promises fuller and healthier brows in 3-4 weeks. If you’re desperate and browless, this may be worth a shot. Neiman Marcus $100
  5. If you’re a bit more budget conscious, No.7 by Boots has a lash serum that is said to work well on brows as well. I love their skin products, so I wouldn’t doubt this serum based on the price tag. Target $9.99
  6. With eyebrows, the shape is arguably the most important part. If you’re not sure what’s best for your face, or how to obtain the look, you can always turn to Anastasia Beverly Hills. This woman made a name for herself by shaping the brows of Hollywood elite, so there’s no denying she knows her stuff. She has a whole lineup of brow products, like these stencils, at Sephora. Sephora $20
  7. This pencil/gel set from Revlon does double duty. The pencil helps colour in your brows to make them fuller, while the gel helps shape and set them so that they’re perfect all day long. Amazon $7.50
  8. Yves Saint Laurent’s eyebrow pencil promises to give your brows an effortlessly natural appearance, while nourishing them with a coconut oil formula. It comes with a brush on one end to keep your hairs groomed and in place. Neiman Marcus $30
  9. With a name like “Push-Up Bra For Your Eyebrow” this dual-purpose pencil from NYX has to be good. One end fills in your caterpillars, while the opposite end highlights your brow bone. Sounds like a winning combo! Target $9.99
  10. MAC Cosmetics developed a brow gel, which is available in many colours (including clear), that shapes, shines, and tints your brows in a simple stroke. If you like sharing your products with your boyfriend, they say he can use it for his beard or sideburns too.
    MAC Cosmetics $16
  11. My all time favourite brow product that I use every day (including on Sara today) is Brow Zings by Benefit. This set comes with a brow wax, a powder, and mini tweezers and brushes. I use this product every day to get a natural looking fuller brow. Gold star! Sephora $32
  12. For a more budget-friendly option, NYX has a set that has wax, powder, and tools too. This kit is cool because it provides you with two shadows so that you can blend and mix them to get the most complimentary shade. Target $5.99
There you have it! With the know-how, proper products, and a little bit of patience, you’ll have enviable arches in no time.
A big thank you goes out to the talented Sara Lynn Paige for being my beautiful model and directing the photo shoot for today’s post.